Terms of Service

We provide a free picture hosting service with some rules:

Upload, import or multi-upload
When you do upload, import or multi-upload a picture (host a picture) you agree with the ToS on this page. The picture which you upload is clean from any damaging software like virusses, trojans and more. If not we will delete your picture and we are allowed to deny you to our services.
We are not responsible for what happens with the pictures. When you host your picture on our servers you agree that this is at your own risk. And a important rule is that we are able to delete your picture withouth any readson.
When you upload the picture without filling in a e-mail adress we don't have any data about you in our database. The only information which we have is in the log file of our webserver.

The hosted pictures on which are stored by our visitors are not our responsibility. Everybody is allowed to view the pictures but it is not allowed to copy the image without the permission of the original owner (this is not
A picture will be removed after 30 days of no views. This means views on{id}/ where the {id} is the id of the picture which you are viewing. Direct linking to the picture is allowed but we do not update our information whit the latest views.

Pictures of our previous version of
The pictures of our previous website will be deleted on 1 February 2009. Because this is running on our old website we are currently not able to put it in our new website (other links). It is possible to import the picture into our new system:

The system of this website is not free, is custom made and we will not sell it. The system behind this website has been written for this website and will only be used on this website.

Main rule
The main rule of our service is that we can not give you any guarantee because we are not commercial. We will try to give you much performance as we can but we are limited to the money we will get of our advertisements and volunteers.

And last but least we wish you good luck with our website. Please tell everybody of our services to promote us.


Picture rules

  • 1.
  • Size limit 5MB
  • 2.
  • Only gif, png, bmp, jpeg, jpg, ico and tiff
  • 3.
  • At least a 30 day lifetime without any views on{id_pic}/
  • 4.
  • Publishing your pictures is at own risk
  • 5.
  • It is not allowed to host elements of your website
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