About is a free service of, build by a volunteer. This website has been build to learn the server side code, but I never knew that the website would get any succes. Well, it has now.

The new system will get at least the old features and some new features like multiple picture uploading, resizing and more. And because of the succes I will add a system that does deletes the images after 30 days without any view because we are really running out of space. I will also add a BB code with a link to a page with the image. On that page will also be advertisements. In order to keep this service free I am required to ask you to not directly link to the image but link to the page with the image. On that page is also a link to the image and some codes, so that will be no problem.


Old pictures

Don't worry! The already existing pictures will be deleted on 28 february and after that you have to upload again your pictures.


About us

At the moment it is not us but about you. I am creating the website for free (the advertisements does not give enough money at the moment so I have to pat the bills :-)) and holding it online. After some problems with hosts I have finally found a good host for this website and with the new system it is possible to transfer the images to other servers.

The code is not for public and will never be published for free use! I have chosen for this in case with the security of this system.



We are finished with developing the front-end of our website and we will start with building of our backend of this website. We are also customizing our advertisement system for our advertisers.



If you do like to publish your advertisement on our website you can go to and register yourself. After registering you can add your advertisement on our website. With the money which you get from you we can pay the servers which we are using.



If you like to donate money you can go to, register yourself and deposit some money. If you don't want to publish advertisements on our website you don't have to use the system. Else you can use it to promote your website.





Picture rules

  • 1.
  • Size limit 5MB
  • 2.
  • Only gif, png, bmp, jpeg, jpg, ico and tiff
  • 3.
  • At least a 30 day lifetime without any views on{id_pic}/
  • 4.
  • Publishing your pictures is at own risk
  • 5.
  • It is not allowed to host elements of your website
Start uploading today!


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